Ghosts season 4 spoilers: Star on Isaac, Patience cliffhanger

Ghosts season 3
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As we do get ourselves prepared now to see Ghosts season 4 eventually arrive on CBS, why not have a talk here about Isaac?

Suffice it to say, the third season of was pretty complicated for the guy. When it comes to Patience, he abandoned her in the dirt. Meanwhile, he chose to not marry Nigel at the end of the finale, and then Patience came back for revenge. What she plans to do at this point is interesting, given that you can’t exactly kill someone who’s already dead — but there are still ways to ensure that their afterlife is miserable.

Speaking to Deadline, here is some of what Brandon Scott Jones (who plays Isaac) had to say about the character’s arc at the end of the season:

The easiest way to describe it is that it feels like Isaac gets what he deserves, because he left this woman literally in the dirt. Then he recently left this man at the altar. He was, even in this episode, just a little persnickety with Sam the entire time. He’s a messy, messy dude that has a lot to figure out. Anytime he’s called out on his bull—t, or he has to pay the price for some of the things that he does, I think it’s a good moment because it’s funny, hopefully. But also, hopefully, he’ll be able to either learn or at least figure something else out. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I have no idea where this is gonna go, but I hope he does have to atone for something.

Ultimately, we do think that he will and from there, you also have another interesting question to think about for a little while. Can someone like him really change? It’s hard for any person to do that, and it has to be even more so for a person who has actually been dead for hundreds of years.

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