Sugar season 1 episode 6: The HUGE John Sugar reveal!

Sugar season 1
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Entering Sugar season 1 episode 6, there was a lot of hype over a big reveal. This is something that had been a part of promotion for the show the past few weeks; yet, there were still questions over what said reveal would ultimately be.

Now, let’s just say that we’ve found out, and there may be some viewers out there who may be absolutely stunned. Yet, the clues were there if you were looking for them.

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Let’s get right to it: John Sugar is an alien. In the closing minutes of “Go Home,” Colin Farrell’s character injected himself and by virtue of that, we learned the truth that he actually is from another planet. His skin is really blue, and he is a part of a larger mission presumably with some other characters.

So what were the clues? A big one was the constant reminders that Sugar was actually present just to “observe,” and not get too involved in any particular case. Meanwhile, there were instances of the character looking up to the stars, the aforementioned injections, and even the way that John spoke about “people.” It never felt like he was truly another human, though there were some other theories out there — including that the guy was an AI, undead, a vampire, or even a time-traveler. His obsession with Hollywood certainly made it seem like he had an unusual affection for it that is not seen by a lot of everyday people these days.

The alien reveal is huge, but let’s also not forget that there are still a lot of other pressing matters. Olivia is still out there and needs to be found! Make no mistake, we imagine that this is going to be a particularly huge story still as we prepare for the final episodes this season.

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