Sugar season 1 episode 6: The Siegel family’s next move

Sugar season 1
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As you prepare yourselves to see Sugar season 1 episode 6 on Apple TV+, there is a lot that we are left to think about here. Obviously, there are still the big questions about John Sugar’s secret, but beyond just that, some big moves may need to be made when it comes to the Siefel family, as well.

Remember that for a lot of episode 5, we saw Margit and Bernie straight-up obstructing John and his attempts to get some answers about Olivia. That came especially in the form of them not wanting Davy to have a sit-down conversation with Colin Farrell’s character. Eventually, this talk did happen … and not too long after, Davy attempted to take his own life. Whether or not he is actually dead is something that episode 6 will example.

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No matter what happens to Davy, isn’t there still a chance that the Siegel family is going to approach things a little bit differently moving forward? You could make a case that they have to, all things considered. Where has this strategy of hiding the truth gotten them?

Ultimately, what we should say with Bernie and Margit now is just how much they really want to see Olivia found … if they really do at all. So far, Bernie in particular has acted like one child matters more than the other! Jonathan has been the only one who has shown some commitment to trying to find the missing woman, and with his health compromised, how much can he really do in order to help?

John Sugar is used to getting stonewalled at various points this season, and he has to be prepared for that to happen here and there — however, the sooner he gets real information, the faster this case could be closed.

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What do you think we are going to see moving into Sugar season 1 episode 6?

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