Under the Bridge episode 4: Was Reena Virk’s dad arrested?

Under the Bridge
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Now that Under the Bridge episode 4 has come to a close on Hulu, we now have an answer to a rather important question. What exactly happened with Reena Virk’s dad?

Well, as it turns out, the truth is just as dark and as painful as we ever imagined and then some. In order to get away from her family and to be placed at Seven Oaks, Reena claimed that her father had done a serious of awful and horrific things to her — an admission that led to his arrest. None of it was true, but this allowed her to be placed in a spot of alternate care. This was, at least in theory, where she wanted to be.

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Now, we know from closer to the present that Reena eventually did come to live with her parents again before her death, and that the charges against her father were eventually expunged from his record. This does not make this a less-traumatic experience for everyone involved on a number of different levels. After all, consider the fact that this radically changed the family dynamic for good.

The reason we spent some of the episode focusing on Reena’s parents seems to be quite simple: This was a way to better understand where they came from and some of the obstacles they overcame. In the end, it really accentuated further how heartbreaking the events of the present truly were. If the goal was to make Reena’s eventual death all the more gut-wrenching for the entire family, we do tend to think the mission was accomplished.

Now, we imagine that the show will move forward and through that, there are going to be more opportunities to see how Cam and Rebecca press onward with their investigation.

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What did you think about the events of Under the Bridge episode 4?

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