NCIS: Hawaii season 3 episode 9 video: Lucy is back!

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
Photo: CBS

We’ve been saying for the past few days that there was nothing to be worried about with Lucy Tara’s status on NCIS: Hawaii this season — she would return! Luckily, we have more confirmation now of that very thing.

If you head over to the official NCIS YouTube, you can see some sneak peeks from Monday’s “Spill the Tea,” including one where a mysterious man basically tells her to step into a black van while out on a jog. Just like any other person, she indicates that this is not something she’s interested in doing. However, unlike most normal people, she has the ability to flip this guy straight on his back in what has to be one of the more awesome moments of the season.

Of course, after watching this we are incredibly curious about one thing above all others — why didn’t Jesse just call out to her from the get-go? He was in the van and could have saved everyone a lot of pain. Then again, we wouldn’t have this great moment at the same time.

As for what’s coming up during this episode overall, this is the first part of a two-episode finale, one that is going to feature Jane Tennant’s team and potentially NCIS Elite finally teaming up to some degree. You could get a better sense of what Sam Hanna has been working on — and of course, there’s going to be a ton of action. We just hope that it does not lead to some sort of unresolved cliffhanger. The Hawaii show still has not been renewed and while we’re optimistic, it does feel like it may not be getting a full 22-episode season like the old days. (Yes, it is completely baffling we’re in this spot with a show that gets such a large audience.)

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