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Under the Bridge
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There are a number of things that are notable about Under the Bridge over on Hulu, but having two notable leads is high on the list! Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough bring so much to their parts of Cam and Rebecca, two complicated women who are at the center of a complicated story. The death of Reena Virk is front and center for the entirety of the story, and you are going to see these two women examine the case in different ways. Cam is a police officer, whereas Rebecca is an officer — she can’t exactly help in a legal sense, but we have seen her try to get closer to some of the young women at Seven Oaks for information.

So what made someone like Gladstone, who was fresh off of a Martin Scorsese movie, want to sign on here? Well, let’s just say that it has a lot to do with her co-star.

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Speaking in a new interview with People Magazine, Lily had the following to say:

“Initially, knowing that it was true crime, I kind of leaned away from it having just made Killers of the Flower Moon … But then learning that Riley was attached, not just to act in it, but as a producer, that made me lean back in. Because I’ve been wanting to work with her forever. And I’ve wanted to work with her forever because she has those difficult conversations and she’s such a compassionate person. She leverages her position in this world in a way not many people do, and I really respect that.”

Compassion is an idea that the producers seem to be emphasizing in every way that they can with this show. After all, they are trying to view the death of Reena from all perspectives, and also showing the flaws that exist for a number of characters across the board.

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