Under the Bridge episode 4 preview: A big Manjit reveal?

Under the Bridge
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As you prepare to see Under the Bridge episode 4 on Hulu next week, get prepared for something completely different. We now have more information regarding what happened to Reena Virk and yet, that doesn’t mean all of the next episode (titled “Beautiful British Columbia”) is going to push things forward.

Instead, it looks like a reasonably big chunk of the story is going to be set a little more into the past. You will learn more about Suman and Manjit’s relationship, their early days, and then also an answer to a huge question. What exactly happened to Manjit in the past?

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Below, the Under the Bridge episode 4 synopsis has a little more information:

In 1979, Suman and Manjit fall in love, setting into motion a series of events that will change their lives forever. In 1997, the Seven Oaks girls come to the Virk house for a dinner to remember, leading to the shocking revelation of Manjit’s secret.

If you are familiar with the real-life case of Reena Virk, there’s a chance you know what is happening here. If not, this episode may contain some surprising reveals. Through the lens of the show, we know that Manjit has faced some issues when it comes to a criminal record, one that was recently expunged.

As for what’s going to happen with Reena’s “friends” at her family’s house, we don’t anticipate anything good. So much of this tragic true-crime tale is about her desperation to fit in, despite her upbringing being so different from the likes of Josephine, Kelly, and Dusty. This desire may be what causes her to act so differently, and also creates a bigger divide between her and the rest of her family.

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