Under the Bridge episode 3: Did Kelly kill Reena Virk?

Under the Bridge
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We anticipated that Under the Bridge episode 3 was going to contain at least some clues about the death of Reena Virk. With that being said, though, did they just reveal what actually happened to her?

(Warning: The following contains spoilers from the episode, plus also some info on the real-life case on which the show is based.)

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In the closing minutes of this week’s installment, we learned that Kelly was in possession of Reena’s boots — pretty strong evidence that she was responsible for her death. We also have learned to some extent how possessive she is of Josephine and how jealousy and anger tend to be driving forces for her.

If you watch the episode alone without any sort of knowledge of the case, you could argue that there is a tiny amount of ambiguity still here. Yet, in real life Kelly Ellard was arrested for the death of Reena, and she is still alive and on day parole. Anything else related to the case can be saved for discussions in later episodes.

So why is Under the Bridge establishing the murderer just three episodes in? Well, the simplest answer that we can give you at present is that it’s tied very much to the realization that some viewers are going to know what happened already. This is not a murder mystery, even if some elements of the show are dramatized. Instead, this is more of a show about how Cam, Rebecca, and the police are able to find justice for Reena and the challenges they face along the way. It tries to show you layers to every person involved, and we are sure that this is going to be the case the rest of the season.

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