The Last of Us season 2: Isabela Merced on Dina, Ellie

The Last of Us season 1
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There are going to be a number of familiar faces entering The Last of Us season 2 on HBO but at the same time, opportunities for newcomers, as well. One of the biggest ones is Isabela Merced, who has had a rather big year already! On the video-game adaptation she is playing the part of Dina, who has a lot of important scenes with Ellie (Bella Ramsey). We hesitate to say more, mostly because we don’t want to give much away!

While we’ve yet to hear anything about the end of production as of yet for the show, all signs do point towards things going incredibly well behind the scenes.

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In a new interview with Collider, Merced described her almost-instant connection with Ramsey, and how the two clicked on the series almost right away:

“I’m so excited for people to see my chemistry with Bella. Bella and I have so much chemistry. From the first day, it was there. There’s no work to be done. I really respect Bella. I just saw Catherine Called Birdy and Bella has such range and just an honesty about their work. I’m learning so much. I’m very honored to be here.”

This season should bring a little bit of everything to the mix, from action to drama to romance and tragedy. It will also have extremely high expectations. Sure, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding The Last of Us season 1, but also a small bit of trepidation given that so many video-game adaptations have failed to impressive. This series proved to be a game-changer, and a reminder to the more snobbish of critics that games should be respected as an art form as much as anything else.

Per all current indicators, it seems as though season 2 is going to premiere at some point in 2025 — we’re hoping for a spring release.

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