Survivor 46 episode 9 sneak peek: Aftermath of Q decision

Survivor 46
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Wednesday night you are going to have a chance to see Survivor 46 episode 9, and let’s just say things are about to get so much messier.

Let’s just start off with answers when it comes to an all-important question here: Did Q really want to leave the game last week? Over the past few days, we’ve attempted to figure out the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out why he did what he did. Was this a play to get people away from targeting Tiffany and onto Tevin?

As it turns out, no. In a sneak peek over at the official Survivor YouTube, Q admits that he really did just feel guilty for causing chaos before Tribal Council and was willing to fall on his own sword. Yet, nobody wanted to vote him out and he’s still there … but we do personally think his odds of winning are now close to zero. He’s a good person to even take to the end now! We love what the guy brings to the show insofar as entertainment goes, but it’s easy to argue that someone who wanted to quit the game should not get the grand prize, regardless of what his motives were in the moment. (Kenzie, in a confessional, notes that she didn’t want to give Q the satisfaction of leaving that way — if he wants to quit, he can do it on his own.)

In another sneak peek, you also get an argument between Venus and Hunter after he claims he voted for her just because it was an easy thing to do. He is pretty dismissive of her feelings in the game, even though she’s created plenty of social challenges for herself out there as well. She’s actually not wrong in saying that he and Q both keep painting a bigger targets on their backs!

Unfortunately, here is where Venus is a little too overconfident: Not considering the possibility of Hunter having an idol. So long as he doesn’t blow it, he could easily play that and save himself at any moment … and potentially take her out in the process.

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