Fire Country season 2 finale spoilers: EP talks ‘full circle’ ending

Fire Country season 2
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In just a few weeks, you are going to have a chance to see the Fire Country season 2 finale — what can you expect to see?

The first thing that we can say here is quite simple: We will have a culmination to a lot of story that we have seen the past several weeks. A big part of that has revolved around Bode trying to reacclimate himself to Three Rock, while also adjusting to some major changes on the outside world. Gabriela was in a new relationship! There were changes to leadership! He’s had to find a place once more, and we imagine that there are going to be a few more bumps in the road along the way.

In speaking on all of this further to TVLine, executive producer Tia Napolitano had the following to say about where we are going to be left off emotionally here:

“We started this season with everyone in a different place, and what I really wanted was for the finale to feel like a satisfying bookend to that very unusual, noisy launch where you felt like, ‘OK, people have traveled emotionally. Relationships have changed. Things have come full circle.’ Things that were stated and done and choices that were made in the premiere… there are bookends to them, in a way that makes the season feel like one story that is of a piece and that propels us into next season.”

Is a cliffhanger confirmed?

Well, the term “cliffhanger” is relative in a lot of ways to a set of circumstances happening in the story. We do tend to think that there will be something crazy and/or jaw-dropping; however, we also have a hard time thinking that this show is just out to replicate what we’ve seen before. After all, why would they do that when there are chances to bring new stuff to the table?

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Is there any one specific cliffhanger that you are going to see entering the Fire Country season 2 finale?

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