Sugar season 1 episode 4: What’s behind the door?

Sugar season 1
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Given that Sugar on Apple TV+ is all about secrets, can you be shocked that another one surfaced in season 1 episode 4?

With this in mind, let’s go ahead and put the focus here on one thing above all else: Whatever Stallings is hiding. It’s clear that he is trying to protect something or someone hidden behind a door. He doesn’t like John Sugar being all up in his business, just like he also is none too fond of everything that is going on with Davy at this point. It’s pretty darn clear at this point the awful stuff that Jonathan’s grandson is up to, but just how deep does the rot go? That’s something that we still need to figure out, and we certainly think that we will within the relatively near future.

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Our fear at present is quite simple: That is actually Olivia who is behind that door and this is going to be something that we inevitably see explored more as we move further and further into the rest of the season. We are well-aware of the fact that she is someone who people may have wanted gone due to not just what she knew, but the fact that she was willing to fight for things she believed in. Knowledge can be power, but it also paints a massive target on you.

The other chilling reveal from this episode is that of the necklace, which proves further that some of these women have been watched. If you did not know already just how twisted this world really is, we do have a pretty clear sense of it now. Sugar has a lot to sort out, but at least he’s done a smart thing of hiding his own past. Hence, how he managed to use his “mother” to throw Davy off his scent.

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