Sugar season 1 episode 5 spoilers: Darkness and tragedy

Sugar season 1
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As you prepare yourselves in order to see Sugar season 1 episode 5 on Apple TV+ next week, things are about to be much more complicated. We’ve reached a pivotal part of the story at this point, mostly in that we know that there’s some really awful stuff underneath the surface. Davy in particular is responsible for some horrific acts and yet, to this point has gotten away with it.

Yet, at this point Davy is starting to be exposed … but that could also make him increasingly desperate. It also could mean that John Sugar could be facing more jeopardy than ever.

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The first thing that we should say here about season 1 episode 5 is that “Boy in the Corner” is the title. Meanwhile, the synopsis works to set the stage:

Melanie gets a surprise visit that unleashes Sugar’s dark side. Ruby receives chilling guidance from a colleague. Davy makes a tragic decision.

There is so much to unpack here in such a small amount of time, so how crazy are we going to see things get? The simple answer here is “very,” but it may be even more shocking than we’d ever imagine.

The one character we are perhaps the most curious about

Doesn’t it have to be Ruby? Well, she is someone who is a handler-of-sorts for John Sugar, and we do tend to think that she’s going to be doing whatever she can in order to get her desired results. The mystery here is what those results really are. We saw her typing away at something earlier this season, and she has some major concerns that Sugar is even working this case. There may be some sort of super-secret driving her work, and we’re not ready for whatever that could be.

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