Under the Bridge season 1: EP on Cam’s story arc

Under the Bridge
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There are a number of things about Under the Bridge season 1 that are both clever and complicated. Take, for example, Cam. Lily Gladstone’s character is an original creation for the show and someone deeply involved in the case of Reena Virk. She comes into it looking to do a good job and also advance her career … but what does she end up learning at the end about herself?

Well, based on what we have seen and heard so far, things could be so much more complicated than it seems at first.

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Speaking via TV Insider, here is what showrunner Samir Mehta had to say about the story for Cam, and what we’re going to see play out for the character:

“This case becomes very personal for her. So a big part of her arc is coming to understand why that is … Sometimes who you are in childhood crystallizes in a way that you’re not even aware of. Then you look back and you have to reckon with, OK, who did I end up becoming through a series of circumstances that weren’t exactly my choice? And what do I want to do about that now that I’ve become conscious of it? I think Lily [Gladstone] is particularly great at capturing this theme.”

Ultimately, we know that Cam grew up surrounded by police officers and in the end, she became one. She’s also been raised by a white family and within that, she knows the feeling that comes from looking different from everyone else. Race, culture, religion, and upbringing all play a role in this story, which was inspired by true events. There is a lot that we’re going to see play out — how much of it will genuinely surprise you? That remains to be seen.

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