Sugar season 1 episode 4: Is Olivia still alive?

Sugar season 1
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As we get ourselves prepared in order to see Sugar season 1 episode 4 on Apple TV+, are a lot of questions about Olivia? In a way, it makes sense for them to be! She is the fulcrum of the story and at some point, we have to get some more answers here.

For now, let’s just start off by saying that for now, what we know is that she is missing. She started speaking out about some bad people and soon after that, she ended up MIA. This is why Jonathan hired Sugar in the first place, and we tend to think that he is very good at his job.

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Is it possible that someone killed Olivia to make sure that she never told the truth? Absolutely, we can argue that the answer to this question is yes. However, isn’t this show so much more compelling if she is actually alive? It also justifies the lengthy search for her.

If Olivia is dead…

Well, let’s just say that there is another question that will come into the mix. That, to be specific, is all about why someone would hide the dead body. Why is it important to play this whole charade? Well, that’s something that we do think could be addressed as time goes on.

Based on every single thing that’s out there about this show, it does feel at a certain point, things are going to get crazy — it is mostly just a question of when and how everything is going to finally come together and we’ll reach that point when our jaws are on the ground.

Given that episode 4 has a pretty short run time, whatever happens here is going to have to happen pretty darn fast.

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What do you anticipate we are going to see entering Sugar season 1 episode 4?

Have any big predictions? Share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back — there are more updates coming.

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