The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 premiere date: Best option

The Walking Dead: Dead City
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Now that The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 is in production, why not have a larger discussion about possible premiere dates?

We don’t have to tell you that the enthusiasm is out there for more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, especially since the first season proved to be so successful. Also, it aired a long time ago! By the time season 2 premieres, it will have easily been more than a year since the season 1 finale. These episodes will not be done filming until the summer and regardless, AMC already has another show in the franchise to air at that point in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. They have little reason to rush anything along.


When you think about what the cable network has going on here, and also that The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live does not currently have a season 2, the best-case scenario here may be Negan and Maggie coming back on the air at some point in December. Sure, it would be wonderful to see something before that, but how could you feel confident? Even once filming is done, there will be a lot of work that is required to get it to air.

While December is the best case scenario here, the most realistic one is that we probably don’t get to see the show back until early 2025. That is 100% frustrating and yet, something that we should not be shocked about in the event it happens. This show was ultimately just a casualty of the writers and actors’ strikes going on so long — blame the networks and streaming services for not giving anyone a fair deal faster!

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What do you most want to see moving into The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2, no matter when it premieres?

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