Sugar season 1 episode 4: Who is John’s biggest threat?

Sugar season 1
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In a handful of days Sugar season 1 episode 4 is going to be here and with that, a chance to get closer to the truth.

Of course, what is more interesting about this is that there are almost two different truths that are being discussed here. For starters, you have the mystery of what happened to Olivia, the young woman who turned up missing prior to Jonathan bringing Sugar on board. Then, you also have to wonder about the mystery of Sugar himself. Colin Farrell’s character has alluded to him having some enormous secrets, so what exactly are they? When will the truth be revealed there?

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Honestly, at this point it feels like the biggest threat to Sugar’s future is actually Sugar himself, given that he could say something, whether it be intentional or not, that ends up revealing the truth about who he is. That isn’t something that feels like it is going to be coming about via Davy, though that may be our own bias shining through. It’s just hard to take someone like him seriously when there isn’t a lot of experience that we have in this particular field.

Whatever John’s secret is, we do fear that he is walking somewhat of a tightrope. There are reasons why Ruby did not want him taking this job, and we honestly don’t think that they have necessarily that much to do with what he is doing with Davy or Jonathan Siegel. We tend to think that it has more to do with the periphery, with the other people who are around in all directions.

At some point, some of the truth will be revealed … but is it in episode 4? That is what we’re still excited to figure out.

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