Sugar season 1 episode 4: More James Cromwell ahead

Sugar season 1
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When you have a compelling mystery like Sugar on Apple TV+, there are so many individual things that stand out. This includes supporting characters … and obviously you are going to another level when one of those supporting characters is being played by none other than James Cromwell!

On paper, it certainly looks like Cromwell’s Jonathan Siegel is one of the good guys. He’s the person who hired John Sugar in the first place to find his granddaughter Olivia! By virtue of that, it might be easy to say that moving forward, every episode is going to feature him working alongside Colin Farrell’s character in some capacity. Yet, that has not proven to be the case in some ways, at least based on what we’ve seen so far.

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Luckily, we can confirm that Cromwell will be prominent in episode 4, and that he and Sugar are going to have some important conversations. Sure, one of the big ones could be about Olivia, but there is another variable in here that is equally worthy of some consideration: What is going on at present when it comes to Davy and the rest of the family. They are not helpful; instead, they are proving to be a hindrance. Daby in particular is on the hunt for the truth about John, and nobody seems to be all that eager to even locate Olivia.

Will Jonathan’s presence within this episode prove to be a way to turn the tide? In theory sure, but it could also prove to be a way to only cause a greater split between everyone involved — and that’s certainly not something to rule out.

Another theory

Is Jonathan himself actually responsible for the disappearance? There is a compelling case to be made for it and that what we’re seeing now is actually a function of trying to throw Sugar off the scent.

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