American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8: Will Anna win?

American Horror Story - Emma Roberts
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As many of you may be aware, American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8 is coming to FX on Wednesday and 100%, this one is huge. It is the final one before the finale! Whatever happens here could very well blow the world wide open, and we are beyond curious to see what happens at the Academy Awards.

From the get-go with the series, the very basis for much of the drama has been a single question: Would Anna rather win an Oscar or have a chance to be a mother? With Babette’s death, we had another reminder of the way in which Siobhan is willing to pull strings. Sure, she is more than willing to help Emma Roberts’ character get what she wants, but at a pretty painful cost.

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As we do move forward now with the rest of the story, our sentiment here is that Anna is probably going to win an Oscar, though it is fair to argue whether or not it is truly of her own accord. We do believe that there are some more strings that are going to pulled, and with certain people working behind the scenes beyond just Siobhan. Once she gets that Oscar, that’s when we think that something terrible is going to happen to her child. It’s the same thing that we saw teased with Adeline so long ago, and exactly what was wiped from Dex’s brain.

Is it better for Anna if she doesn’t win the Oscar? Maybe, but only if there is some sort of cosmic nature to the deal being reached here — if she doesn’t win, for example, does that mean that her baby is actually safe? It is crazy to wonder and yet, it does feel pretty darn feasible, all things considered.

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What do you think we are going to be seeing as we move into American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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