Fallout season 1: Where does it fit within timeline of the games?

Fallout season 1
Photo: Prime Video

As you watch the premiere of Fallout season 1 over at Prime Video, why not talk about timeline for a moment?

One of the things that was confirmed many times over ahead of the TV adaptation is that this show is intended to be an extension of the franchise. It is not a remake of something within the world of the video games.

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Rather, here is the basics you should know. The series is set mostly in the year 2296, which means that it is almost a decade following the events of Fallout 4, which took place mostly in 2287. That was about ten years after the third game in the series, and all of these games are more than two centuries after the nuclear war that destroyed much of civilization as we know it.

Because of the distance between the show and the games, we don’t expect too many direct nods to specific story points. Sure, we’ve got familiar groups like the Brotherhood of Steel and Ghouls around, but they do not reference any one direct story point. The Brotherhood of Steel are a large enough group, for example, that they could still exist no matter how Fallout 4 concludes. This is another reason why the show will likely stay away from too much of the story there — without giving too much away, the game had different endings depending on who you chose to side with.

One other way that the show is different? It’s simply a matter of setting. Every game has its own unique location as it is. Fallout 4, for example, took place mostly in New England; meanwhile, the TV show is out on the West Coast. That’s plenty far to keep a lot of people or stories from traveling, especially in a world that is a lot more divided and broken-down.

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What do you think about the choices that were made regarding the Fallout season 1 setting?

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