Fallout season 2: Is a renewal possible at Prime Video?

Fallout season 1
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Even though the series premiere of Fallout has yet to even arrive at Prime Video, why not still look more towards the future? After all, we are in such an era where so many things are being labeled limited series, and the idea of getting continuous stories is a little more of a challenge.

With this show in particular, there are other challenges in that while there are several different games in the Bethesda series, they each have separate stories and characters. Making more of this show is not the same as making, for example, The Last of Us.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Jonathan Nolan talked about the idea of a season 2, and it does sound like there is some openness! He also went into whether or not he would bring in new characters for a season 2 story:

That all sounds good in theory when you talk about the idea of an anthology show. But when you find a great group of actors, you want to keep working with them. So balancing that with the way the games operate is something we continue to talk about.

Of course, for now the top priority is going to inevitably be just trying to figure out whether or not Fallout is successful as a show. We’re cautiously optimistic for now, largely because there are so many great people involved here and it is hard to envision a scenario where this comes out a total dud. Yet, this is a pretty competitive atmosphere and we tend to think that a production like this is not something with a tiny price tag. That is, absolutely, something that needs to be taken into account.

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