American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8: Last before finale

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As we get ourselves prepared to see American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8 on FX next week, is everything about to be blown open?

Well, the most important thing to remember here is that “Little Gold Man” is going to be the last episode leading up to the finale, and it is also going to feature something that a lot of us have been hoping to dive into for a while: The Oscars! The Academy Awards are about to be here, but what does that mean? Is Anna Victoria Alcott really set to have everything that she wants?

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If you do want to get some more insight all about what’s coming, just check out the full American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8 synopsis below:

The world around Anna is starting to crescendo in every way: her career path continues to skyrocket, while her personal life is more stressful than ever, just in time for Hollywood’s big night.

The most surprising thing here is just that Anna has found her footing again after everything that she’s gone through this season, both in public and private. We’d love to think that we’re going to be able to find some element of happiness at the end of the show, but why feel confident about that? Honestly, it feels pretty hard to feel confident about anything right now … other than that we’re probably going to get some sort of surprise ending. This is the sort of franchise that loves to throw a last-minute twist out there. Why change that now?

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