Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale: Jerry Seinfeld cameo!

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12
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We anticipated that there would be some sort of cameos and surprises during the Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale. Even still, did you ever expect Jerry Seinfeld?

Let’s just make one thing pretty clear: We should have expected this. There were a lot of other cameos from past seasons that we did expect more, including Mocha Joe. Still, having Seinfeld show up to support Larry David during his disastrous trial made sense, as he was forced to deal with the consequences of a lot of the people that he has made angry at him over time. Even his own witness turned against him after he and Jeff conspired to steal her salad dressing recipe!

Also, we should go ahead and say that most of the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale was basically an homage to controversial end to Seinfeld. Maybe some would be upset about that, but at the same time, doesn’t it make a good bit of sense for this character? He, like the people on the NBC sitcom, did so many terrible things over time.

Seinfeld was not the only notable cameo during the finale. Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame played the judge in the finale, and ironically, there was another nod to the show with Larry taking on a fly.

The verdict was in

Well, it turns out that he was guilty and because of that, he was sentenced to the longest that the law allowed — a year in prison. It looked like everything was over for him … and then Seinfeld came in.

As it turns out, Jerry learned that one of the jurors (who looks like Joe Pesci) actually broke their sequester and because of that, a mistrial was declared. He was a free man! Seinfeld comments that this show got the ending that his show should have, and now, everyone has a chance to fly home. It was simple, hilarious, and exactly what a show like this needed.

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What did you think about the cameo from Jerry Seinfeld (and others) during the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale?

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