Sugar season 1: How many episodes are there?

Sugar season 1
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We are now two episodes into Sugar season 1 starring Colin Farrell but within this article, let’s go beyond just that. How many stories are there going to be the rest of the way?

One of the things that we know about a lot of streaming shows in general is that they operate under fairly-small episode orders. Once upon a time, the standard was around ten. However, soon after that it shrunk to around 8 — and then,, to around six in some places. (Take, for example, the latest season of True Detective.) So what exactly are we getting here? This is a subject that is absolutely worthy of some conversation.

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As great as it would be to have ten episodes, let’s just be happy for now that we’re getting eight. This is going to be seemingly enough time and space to tell the entirety of John Sugar’s story, even when you factor in some of the big twists that are present along the way.

For now, we know that one of the big storylines at the heart of the story is what happened to Olivia, the descendant of Hollywood loyalty that has since turned up missing. We’re sure that you will get some answers to that eventually, alongside some on another all-important subject: What is the show’s central twist? If you are not aware, there is some sort of big reveal coming down the road that we’ve been clued in on already (at least in terms of its existence), and we’re certainly eager to see what that could be.

As of right now, the plans is for us to see a new Sugar episode every week leading up to the finale — let’s just hope that whatever is going on behind the scenes makes sense within the scope of the story.

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What have you thought about Sugar season 1 so far?

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