Sugar season 1 episode 3 run time: Shortest so far

Sugar season 1
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Later this week Apple TV+ is going to deliver Sugar season 1 episode 3 and with that, a hope that less is more. After all, the next installment (titled “Shibuya Crossing”) is going to be the shortest that we’ve had a chance to see so far.

Clocking in at just 32 minutes, you have to hope that there’s enough time in here for some of the central twists to still shine through. This does not seem like much for a drama and yet, this is hardly the first show out there that is adopting for a smaller run time in this genre. We’ve seen it for Lawmen: Bass Reeves, for example, plus some other shows within the Taylor Sheridan umbrella.

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If you have not seen the synopsis for episode 3 just yet, it does help to better set the stage for what’s ahead:

Melanie and Sugar get caught in a dicey situation — and make a new enemy. Sugar reunites with old friends, but he senses some are keeping secrets.

We do hope that Sugar does get a little bit closer to finding Olivia within this episode, but will we also get closer to uncover the show’s central twist? That is something that we’re also keeping our eyes peeled for, given that it is something that we’ve seen all around the promotion for the show. (Honestly, we hope that it does not become a distraction for anything else.)

At the very least, we know that on the other side of episode 3, there will be plenty of time for other twists and turns no matter what unfolds. It does feel like there are parallel stories playing out right now — you have Sugar trying to find Olivia, and then you have David and others digging into Sugar. Who will find what they want first? That is the curious question.

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