NCIS season 21 episode 8 spoilers: An Alden Parker spotlight?

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We do recognize that you are going to be waiting to see NCIS season 21 episode 8 in a couple of weeks, and there is a lot to be excited for! The title here is “Heartless” and while it may not have as much hype around it as the big 1,000th episode milestone this week, there is still quite a bit of cool stuff that’s taking place.

Take, for starters, the idea of Alden Parker pretending to be a surgeon as a part of the undercover case. We’d heard that this was coming a while ago, but there are still some questions we’re left to think about. Take, for starters, how he is able to pull this off! Sure, Alden is a smart guy and he can do a lot of research, but what if he is able to operate?

In speaking on this subject to TV Insider, Gary Cole noted that no matter what happens, we are going to see this guy find a way to make it through:

Parker does have a gift for bulls–ttery, if that’s a word. He’s comfortable in that. He was introduced [to the series] as this wacko guy who was a lone wolf and hiding the fact that he was working for the FBI and closing in on the same person as NCIS. He will pose as somebody else to get what he wants.

We do hope that at some point, whether it be either later this year or in season 22, there are more windows into Parker’s life away from the team. We’ve spent a little bit of time already with his ex Vivian, but could she return? Or, is there a chance that another love interest in the present? We know that the character is an odd duck, but that is a big part of his charm in the end.

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What do you want to see from Parker moving into the rest of NCIS season 21?

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