Is Carlos Miranda leaving Station 19, Theo Ruiz?

Station 19 season 7
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Is Carlos Miranda leaving Station 19 and his role of Theo Ruiz following the events of tonight’s new episode? Let’s just say there is reason to wonder.

After all, consider the fact that Ruiz tendered his resignation at the end of the episode, trying to take the blame for what transpired during the marathon shift. He didn’t have to do that and yet, he noted that in a way, this helps alleviate some of the budget crisis that is going on at 19.

Results to the move online are already pretty mixed — we’re not going to sit here and act as though the character was loved by everyone out there. He wasn’t. We are talking here about a pretty polarizing guy who also certainly did a lot of messy stuff! Yet, he is a part of the team and with that, someone who could be missed if he is truly gone. We do think it’s always possible that someone brings him back next week, or at least makes an offer to re-join the team.

Given that this is the final season, though, the one thing that we’ll say with confidence is this: There are going to be a ton of twists. A lot of them are also going to stick in a way that they didn’t previously thanks to there being a willingness to take bigger risks. This could apply to Theo, or some other characters across the board.

If there is one other big question we have coming out of this episode, it is simply this: What’s going on with Jack? The show made a big deal about him always being a part of the firehouse family and yet, he’s been MIA and not even brought up all that much. We recognize that he isn’t a firefighter anymore, but still.

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