The Way Home season 2 finale: Is Thomas dead?

The Way Home season 2
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We knew that The Way Home season 2 finale was going to bring a few major surprises to the table, and then there was Thomas. Kat learned that he would be dying at the end of last episode, and she went back to the past in order to try and turn things around.

Of course, we’ve heard time and time again the old conceit of how you “can’t change history.” However, this show actually did a good job of explaining why Kat couldn’t, in this situation. Thomas effectively put himself in the line of fire in order to ensure that Jacob would be safe; he sacrificed himself and because of that, it was a hard thing to undo. It was also something that Thomas refused to undo. He knew he would be gone at the hands of Cyrus and accepted that.

Before Thomas seemingly did die, he and Kat shared a kiss in the past — one that we know some people out there have been waiting to see. They had their goodbye, but he also gave her a parting gift — something that could still prove to be notable down the road. It’s at least something was curious about.

In general, though, we did love Thomas as a great character and notable part of this world. Remember here that he brought to the table great chemistry with Kat, but also served a vital purpose helping her in order to find Jacob. He showed her, perhaps, a number of parts of herself will be important to her moving forward.

Well, here’s the big twist

Thomas was not dead after all! At the end of the episode, it was revealed that he had actually procured protective armor and with that, is still very much out there. This does certainly raise more questions about the future.

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