Survivor 46 episode 5 sneak peek: Does Q want to leave?

Survivor 46
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Tomorrow night on CBS you’re going to see Survivor 46 episode 5 arrive, and is Q really about to quit the game over on Yanu?

If there is one thing that we have come to know about this tribe so far, it is that they are nothing short of an abject disaster. They are the only tribe entering day 10 who has ever been to Tribal Council; they got a temporary reprieve when Randen was evacuated from the game but other than that, they’ve constantly been on the brink of disaster.

Now, we’ve got the Q situation — if you head over to the official Survivor YouTube Channel, you can see a sneak peek where he seems ready to be voted out from the game. Does he really mean it? Well, we think he does in the moment, but it also comes out of the frustration that comes with constantly losing and feeling like you’re about to be heading right back to see Jeff Probst. We aren’t willing to say yet that this is another echo of last season where quitting defined a big part of the pre-merge.

Still, if you are Kenzie or Tiffany, can you use this to your advantage down the road? If Q makes it to the end for whatever reason, talking about him wanting to quit on day 10 is a good argument as to why you deserve the money more — you fought harder. Kenzie, at the very least, is aware that him wanting to leave could get her closer to the end.

Our advice to Nami and Tiga

Eventually, we are going to see a merge, and these other tribes would be wise to not let Yanu linger around in the game. That is what happened in season 44, and that was also a big component in both Yam Yam and Carolyn making it to the end (plus their own strategic know-how).

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