The Last of Us season 2 premiere date: Spring 2024 hopes

The Last of Us season 1
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Is there a chance we will learn something more on The Last of Us season 2 over the course of this spring? Is any sort of premiere date possible?

We suppose here that the best first course of action here is to go ahead and share some of the bad news, even if many of you will see it coming: There is no further reveal imminent when it comes to a season 2 premiere date. It remains to be seen how much there is even still to learn when it comes to production! Maybe we will get another behind-the-scenes tease at some point, but the cast has also been at work long enough to make us think that a lot of the major characters have been announced — or, at the very least, the ones that HBO really has any intention of announcing. There could always be a surprise or two coming when the show actually airs.

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Now if there is one potential reveal we could imagine seeing at some point down the road, it involves simply this: The chance of a tiny teaser around the time that House of the Dragon premieres in June. Technically, it is still spring when the Game of Thrones prequel comes out — does that count for something? We want to think that it could. It wouldn’t be much, and our best-case scenario there is a 10-15 second preview making it clear the show is coming in 2025.

The best case scenario in our mind is simply that the video-game adaptation comes back in the spring of next year. Would it be wonderful to see something like that ahead of time? Sure, but our feeling at present is that The White Lotus is more likely to occupy the January 2025 spot, given that it will probably be ready to air a tad earlier.

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What are you the most excited to see at this point when it comes to The Last of Us season 2?

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