NCIS: Hawaii season 3: Is there hope for Lucy, Kate wedding?

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
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One of the nice things about Lucy Tara and Kate Whistler on NCIS: Hawaii season 3 is that they’re in a really stable place. There hasn’t been any real questions about the future of their relationship, and that could suggest that a larger commitment is ahead.

Could this include a wedding? Well, it’s tricky. Earlier this season, we saw Lucy say while undercover with her girlfriend that she never really imagined herself getting married. However, things can easily change and they often do, which makes us think there’s still a chance this could happen. Sure, nothing is certain, but is it at least something to discuss moving into a possible season 4 or beyond?

Speaking to TV Insider, Yasmine Al-Bustami had the following to say about what she’d love to see moving forward on the subject:

What I would love to see—I haven’t discussed it with our writers—is that because this is the first time that you’re seeing them kind of talk about that and they didn’t really go into too much detail, but you see their individual viewpoints on it because they have their own viewpoints on it, I feel like if they were to discuss it some more, it seems like Kate is a little more open to and her family is very accepting to the fact that she would have a wedding, but I feel like Kate could possibly have Lucy see a different or open her up more to the idea of possibly having a wedding with Kate, with the right person. And right now, I hope it’s Kate.

Given that this is a shortened season and Lucy has a spotlight episode already coming on Monday, there may not be a lot of space to get too much into this stuff in the near future. This is where we can be hopeful about a season 4, especially since it would have a little more real estate.

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