9-1-1 season 7 spoilers: Aisha Hinds teases Bachelor crossover

9-1-1 season 7
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Out of all the TV crossovers we expected to see this year, one between 9-1-1 and The Bachelor was not on the list. On paper, it seems totally random, but that’s before you remember that the two shows technically are set in the same place and beyond that, they air on the same network.

Based on everything we know now, this crossover seems to be the product of the first-responder drama wanting to do something to create some ABC synergy now that it’s on a new network. Doing something with a popular reality show makes sense given that the mansion is in the area and beyond just that, you don’t have to coordinate schedules or find story reasons to make it happen like you would with another scripted show.

We’ve known for a little while that the famed mansion would be featured; now, we’re hearing that some familiar faces from Bachelor Nation will, as well! In speaking on this subject to TV Insider, here is some of what Aisha Hinds (who plays Hen) had to say:

“We actually have some folks that were actually on The Bachelor … I think their fans and our fans will be very excited to see us mashing up together.

“… Obviously The Bachelor has its own fandom, and that was really neat to kind of experience entering their territory, shooting on their set. We were over at the Bachelor mansion, and it was really nice to kind of enter that world and have the two worlds coexist at the same time. That’s going to be a really fun episode. And so I’m excited for that.”

Will there be a little bit of drama within this story? That feels inevitable, but it also doesn’t feel like the sort of plot that anyone needs to take that seriously. Our expectation is just that this will be featured in a tiny portion of the episode as opposed to being some big thing that is around for all of it.

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