The Amazing Race 36 episode 2: Chris & Mary eliminated

The Amazing Race 36
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We are two episodes into The Amazing Race 36 at this point, and what are some of our big takeaways? Well, this mega-leg was tough. We saw the teams race through Mexico where reading the clues prove challenging for some … and the hot weather challenging for others.

In particular, there were multiple teams who needed to take a minute to rest and recover, and it seemed as though Chris & Mary were going to be the duo who were eliminated as a result of that. He needed a breather before getting to the Roadblock, which allowed him to sit down and get his makeup done. Angie (of Angie & Danny) also struggled, but they did a good job of managing it — she even lied on the ground at one point while she had her makeup done!

A lot of teams got lost on the way to the Pit Stop, which actually allowed Angie & Danny to make up some time on the way to them finishing in sixth place. Sometimes superfan personas on the show can be a bit much, but they come across as super-endearing.

Before we move further into this, it’s worth noting that we have never felt as old as we did upon learning that Anthony & Bailey had no idea who Elizabeth Taylor was. (It turns out the Pit Stop was at her and Richard Bolton’s one-time residence.)

Despite all of the attempts at drama and teams getting lost…

It did not end up changing the predictable result. Chris & Mary just had too much time to make up and with Chris struggling, they couldn’t move altogether fast on their way to the Pit Stop. The only hope they had was Michelle & Sean a.k.a. Team Double Dutch struggling to find what they were looking for, but they still figured it out in time.

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What did you think about the events of The Amazing Race 36 episode 2?

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