NCIS season 21 episode 5 promo: The Feng Zhao problem

NCIS season 21
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In a little under a week you will have a chance to see NCIS season 21 episode 5 arrive on CBS — and with that, have a chance to meet Feng Zhao.

So, who is he? Well, he’s none other than Jessica Knight’s father! A short promo aired for this episode last night and if you didn’t see the longer trailer that was released last week, this serves as a nice summarized version of it. After all, within this you get a good sense of the so-called “Gibbs of the Far East,” a special agent who is extremely skilled at what he does. However, this preview (watch here) also does raise another interesting question: Just how involved is he in his daughter’s life?

Based on what we’ve seen in both previews for this episode, it seems abundantly clear at this point that Feng has no idea who Jimmy Palmer is, meaning that Knight has not told him about her relationship. Why is that? It may be a hard thing to know. Some of it may just be a symptom of the two not having a particularly close relationship; another part may be a fear that Feng would scare her boyfriend away. Based on what we’ve seen from this upcoming episode already, one thing feels pretty clear: This guy is incredibly intense! He feels like the sort who would be very selective of who he wants his daughter to date — as though it was his choice.

We imagine that through this NCIS, we are going to get to the bottom of this situation — but for the record, we tend to think that Feng should be thrilled that Jimmy is in his daughter’s life. He is caring, empathetic, secretly ripped (if you know, you know), and a whole lot more. It feels like he would be a fantastic partner for her!

Are the two going to eventually make a larger commitment? We hope to see it, but there’s no guarantee that it happens this season.

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What are you most excited to see now moving into NCIS season 21 episode 5?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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