Death and Other Details season 2 renewal hopes: Primary factor

Death and Other Details season 1
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If you are like us, then you are probably scouring the internet and hoping for more news on a Death and Other Details season 2 renewal. Are we going to learn more about it soon? It makes some sense for that to happen, but there are no guarantees.

Over the coming days, weeks, and even months, there are a lot of components that Hulu is going to be looking at. The top one is of course viewership, but also the trajectory of these viewers. What we mean by this is simply how many of these people are watching the show in its entirety from premiere to finale. That is a huge indicator in how many would come back for a season 2. (Remember that the finale ended with a great cliffhanger, which does lend itself to a pretty exciting story moving forward.)

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In the end, though, all of these viewership figures are going to be looked at in terms of their relationship to money. It can be extremely frustrating to view a renewal of a work of art as a matter of dollars and cents, but this is what it is in this current era. Every show like Death and Other Details has its own threshold of the viewership it needs to get relative to the cost.

One thing that may be helping the show? While it has a rather large cast, Mandy Patinkin is the only one we would classify as a big name. Meanwhile, this is not a show reliant on too many special effects, which makes it more affordable on that end.

The one thing that may prove expensive, meanwhile, are all of the locations and lavish sets. That is something that would need to be accounted for, given that nobody wants to see a stripped-back season 2 that suddenly feels cheap.

Budgets and finances will be calculated into a season decision and in the end, this could be a key part of the conversations that happen with creatives moving forward. Knowing what the story is does help to determine more of what it could cost.

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