Is Death and Other Details new tonight on Hulu? Season 2 hopes

Death and Other Details season 1
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Is Death and Other Details new tonight on Hulu? After such a fun past few weeks, it makes sense to want another mystery.

Unfortunately, this is where we do have to come in and give some bad news: There is no installment of the show tonight. Also, there is no installment for the rest of the year, most likely. Last week served as the season 1 finale and at the time of this writing, nothing has been announced regarding season 2.

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Does the Violett Beane – Mandy Patinkin mystery stand a chance of coming back? For now, it certainly feels possible! It will come down largely to the viewership on Hulu over the next several weeks, as not all of its potential viewers have had a chance to see it just yet. Total audience matters but beyond that, so does the number of people who actually watch it all the way through.

Creatively, there is absolutely no question that there is room for more here, largely due to the fact that another person died in the closing minutes of season 1. Who was that? We have to wait and see on both that and also whether it was a new character, or someone we already know.

Provided that a season 2 does happen…

Our sentiment, at least for now, is that there is going to be a good opportunity to see it moving into 2025. It doesn’t feel prudent to have a hiatus longer than that, especially if you want to keep viewers who had a chance to check it out the first time around.

Will there be new faces? Absolutely, but it certainly feels like we’ll be able to still see Imogene, Teddy, Jules, and Leila front and center as more of the core group.

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What do you most want to see moving into Death and Other Details season 2?

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