Reacher season 3 premiere date: Is late 2024 possible at all?

Reacher season 2
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Even though Reacher season 2 wrapped up not that long ago, we can’t help but be excited already for season 3! How can we not?

As many of you may know already, the next batch of episodes for the Alan Ritchson series is close to being done, at least when it comes to filming. There is still a lot of work, though, that needs to be done after the fact in order to prepare the series to stream on Prime Video. Think terms of editing, music, and getting the show ready for territories all over the globe. This is a process that takes several months, and it is enough to make you wonder the following: Will the show be ready to go late this year? Is such a premiere window even possible?

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Well, the first thing that we should go ahead and note here is simply this: On paper, we certainly think there’s a chance season 3 could come out this year, at least if everyone puts their head down and works hard on post-production over the next eight months. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be in Prime Video’s interests to release it then.

The biggest reason why we can’t give any promises at all for a 2024 launch is that typically, Amazon shows tend to have at least a 14-month break between the start of one season and the next, at least on the scripted front. Sometimes, it is even longer! A lot of that is just due to them lining these shows up in a way that best suits their schedule. Logistically, it may make more sense for them to launch Reacher season 3 in early 2025, which is why there will probably be more questions about this for months on end.

All we can say, at least for now, is that there’s a lot apparently to like about the next season. That includes opportunities to see the lone-wolf version of this character viewers seem to like so much.

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