Survivor 46 episode 2 sneak peeks: Is Venus is big trouble?

Survivor 46
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As you get yourselves set up to see Survivor 46 episode 2 on CBS tomorrow night, isn’t this high time to talk who is in danger?

On the purple Yanu tribe, we honestly think that the answer to this is fairly simple: Jess is in it deep. She was able to escape being taken out in the premiere, but she does not seem to have the bonds that some of the other players do! This is going to put her in a position where she has to move quickly in the event that she does want to stick around. Doing this in a game like this is not altogether easy and a lot of the time, you need to be creative!

As for the other two tribes, let’s just say the situation is a little bit different. The orange Yami tribe has the potential to be our personal favorite of the bunch, just because there are so many interesting people there! Tevin, for example, may be the biggest personality we’ve seen on this show in quite some time. The duo of him and Hunter has potential to be really fun!

Then, you have Venus. If you head over to the official Survivor YouTube page, you can see a confessional where Tevin indicates that she is the only person on his tribe that he does not fully mesh with. We’ve also seen her try to find an idol and be pigeonholed into a position where she is called “princess.” Obviously, this is someone who has been in a tough spot from the get-go in that nobody really trusts her and she hasn’t gotten many opportunities to prove herself.

With that being said…

We hope Venus figures it out. It feels already like she could be a really cutthroat player and to us personally, this show works 100% better when there are a number of people willing to do anything in order to stick around in this game.

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What are you most excited to see entering Survivor 46 episode 2?

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