‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Richard & Adam, Arisxandra Libantino, Aaron Crow face off

Britain's Got TalentReady for some “Britain’s Got Talent” fun? The live shows are finally here, which means an opportunity for us to see whether or not some of these acts genuinely upped their game in between one show and the other.

We always find these live shows to be an entertaining experience, and today’s show did not disappoint. There were some stellar performances from start to finish, even if we had to endure a guy dancing with a broomstick in order to get there.

Martin Healy – This is awful. He only got through because Simon Cowell wasn’t there to watch him dance with a woman made out of a stick. It is possibly the most awful thing to make it through the live show, perhaps made even more awful by the fact that this guy actually seemed to be under the belief that he was good. (Drinking David Walliams’ Kool-Aid, no?)

Band of Voices – The name is still awful, but for the first time ever, we almost felt like “…Baby One More Time” was a little bit of a dated song to choose for a performance on this show. The vocals were pretty spot-on, and this really is a story that we actually can get behind, as they are people who have been working so hard for a long time.

Youth Creation – We don’t like kid dancers. There,we said it. The issue is that they’re cute and they work hard, but it almost seems like a disservice to value this over adult crews that have been working and refining their craft for years on end. They did well, but it almost feels like they would be getting a free ride to the finals if people are just voting for them because they are adorable.

J-Unity – Still loathe the Union J sound alike name, but not altogether sold on the performance quality just yet. There were some tune issues here and there, but we do like how they worked the stage and tried to get everyone else involved with what they were doing. Ultimately, these two at least gave themselves a reasonable shot at advancing, though going earlier in the show is a super-serious kick to the shin for almost anyone here.

Bosom Buddies – Simon Cowell did promise before the show that there would be “train wrecks,” so we suppose watching grown men singing opera in drag counts as that. We actually don’t think either one of them is particularly awful, but they have two problems. One, their costumes are ridiculous and are not even good drag; and two, they voices are not powerful enough. This may be the first time that we’ve ever seen a bejeweled mustache.

Philip Green – Complete camp. We don’t know if the dance number at the end was really needed, but it was fully entertaining through and through. He’s not the best impressionist or comedian in the competition, but we can see him working well as some sort of YouTube act or interviewer on a red carpet somewhere.

Arisxandra Libantino – It was actually kind of nice to not see Arisxandra go last on the show, mostly because she was the sort of performer that will get a gazillion votes regardless of where she goes during the broadcast. Now, we have to say that we absolutely hate the song choice of “I Have Nothing.” The song is completely overdone on singing shows, and it’s hard to really establish an emotional connection between her and the music. She killed it vocally, but it would have been better had she taken on something more current and suited to her age.

Aaron Crow – There is still something absolutely mesmerizing about watching this man constantly come so close to killing other people on TV. This guy does a great job at not only doing daring and creative stunts, but also creating a massive air of mystique about every single thing that he does.

Richard & Adam – A great operatic performance to end the show, and something that may also create some interesting drama when it comes to the voting. The final three acts, along with Band of Voices and Youth Creation, are probably the only ones with a chance at advancing. These guys are great, but has there been too much opera on the show over the years? This could be the only thing that ends up holding them back at the end of the day.

What do you think about this show, and is there any one act that you are rooting for in particular? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, be sure to visit the link here if you want to read where we put the acts before the show began.

Photo: ITV


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