Quantum Leap season 3: Could Eliza Taylor return as Hannah?

Quantum Leap season 2
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There is no denying that Hannah Carson proved to be a cornerstone of the entire Quantum Leap season 2 story on NBC. Her son Jeffrey ended up being the Big Bad, and much of the conflict stemmed from some of Ben’s choices as he leapt through time. He and Eliza Taylor’s characters loved each other, and that was present across the multiple time periods in which they met.

However, through the bulk of the story it was also clear that they would not have many opportunities to be together long-term; Hannah was of another time, and the show established that she was not a leaper. We wondered for a while if that would change, but it never did. In speaking on the matter further, Here is some of what executive producer Dean Georgaris had to say to Collider:

“I think both [Hannah] and Ben know, given this universe that they’re occupying where there’s this benevolent force for good driving them forward, I think they both realize this makes sense. ‘This is a completion for our story. I understand why we got together now. Look at all the good we’ve done, and we’ve ameliorated the damage that we did in the process.’ The other theme of the season was sacrifice, and no one gets it for free.”

In multiple interviews we’ve heard both Georgaris and fellow EP Martin Gero say that they loved working with Eliza Taylor and would love to do that again; however, they also admitted that their story for Hannah has reached its end. Could she still come back in some capacity? We would feel silly to rule it out entirely, but it does not seem to be explicitly in the cards.

For now, we would just say to hope that Quantum Leap gets renewed and after that, everything else can be settled. This show is one that is very much on the bubble at present, so it would be silly to sit here and act as though anything is guaranteed.

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