True Detective: Night Country finale: EP on Annie K’s tongue

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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The True Detective: Night Country finale on HBO did bring about a lot of answers, or things that at least felt like answers. Yet, there is still one major question that was not really resolved all that much at all: What about Annie K’s tongue? It was found at the Tsalal Research Station and yet, it remains unclear as to how it got there. The scientists seemed to be clueless about it, and the same went for some of the people within the Ennis community.

So, was there meant to be an answer to all of this? Heck, we didn’t even get a “story” about this like we did what happened to the scientists!

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Issa Lopez confirmed that everything regarding the tongue was kept intentionally ambiguous:

Is it perfectly possible that when the body was found by the community, someone kept her tongue as a gesture of reverence and respect and knowing that there was going to be an opportunity to come back? Maybe that happened, and they preserved that tongue because Danvers in episode 2 says there was some cellular damage, and it was weird. It could be because of freezing or not, we don’t know. So anyways, the tongue disappears. Or it could be that the tongue is kept in a different place waiting for Annie to come back and leave it there as a sign of this is now finally when she gets to tell her story through the women.

What really matters here, perhaps more so than anything else, is that we are able to have these discussions. We do think it’s possible the tongue was kept for experimental purposes (hence the cellular damage) — it’s hard to imagine that it is solely supernatural. While those readings of this show could still be there, we do think that True Detective works best when you can ground the story in some measure of reality.

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What is your interpretation of Annie’s tongue on the True Detective: Night Country finale?

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