True Detective: Night Country finale: Who killed the scientists?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

At the conclusion of the True Detective: Night Country finale tonight on HBO, we finally got the answer to a long-simmering question: Who killed the scientists at the Tsalal Research Station? For most of the past few weeks, the story has been shrouded in mystery and, potentially, some supernatural occurrences.

So, do we now have an answer? We would argue so, and at the same time, it happened in a way that only a handful of people expected.

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We know that for a good chunk of the season, there have been those speculating that the person responsible for this crime is the woman missing two fingers. As it turns out, she was involved … but was far from the only person. After the secret connection was discovered between the research center and the ice caves, many within the tribal community of Ennis, Alaska plotted their revenge. The group committed the act together, taking all the scientists, bringing them away from the center in a truck and then folding their clothes. They released them into the world, where they eventually all died. The idea was to allow nature to decide their fate.

The scientists were killed, in part, because the locals felt as though they were slowly killing their whole world with pollution. From here, clearly they all banded together and kept this a secret. They still would not even confirm that they committed the murders in a conversation close to the end, simply stating that this was a story that could explain it.

For now, we tend to think this is the end and beyond that, justice may have already been served in the eyes of Danvers and Navarro. No further arrests were made, and Navarro eventually took off to an unknown destination. She is out there with the world, and we certainly hope that there is a sense of peace.

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