True Detective: Night Country episode 6 (finale): The Tuttle mystery

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

For those who are not aware, the True Detective: Night Country finale is coming to HBO in just a matter of days, and there are so many questions we have.

Are we going to learn the truth about Annie K. and the Tsalal scientists? We are reasonably confident about both of these things. It is everywhere else we start to have pause, including if all the ghostly stuff will be clarified — or, if we will really get to the bottom of Tuttle United.

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What we do know at this point is this — the Tuttles clearly have an ownership stake in both the research station as well as the Silver Sky Mining Company, and that is a way to ensure that they can have a lot of control in whatever is being discovered. The name is a clear tie to the Tuttle cult in season 1, and that suggests that the root of all evil in the show’s greater universe is still out there. We know that some got away in the first season, even if Rust Cohle and Martin Hart took down Childress.

We’d love nothing more that to get closure on what the Tuttles are up to at this point, and to see them stopped for good. However, that feels unlikely for the time being — there are just too many other stories going on right now. A more ambitious idea, at least for now, would be to give us at least a few clues on this family now, and then allow this to be paid off in a further season down the road.

It may not ever happen, but our personal dream remains quite simple: Whenever the show does end, wouldn’t it be nice to see some characters across several seasons take this family down once and for all? We tend to think so.

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What do you think we are going to learn about Tuttle United, if anything, during the True Detective: Night Country finale?

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