The Traitors season 2 episode 8: Parvati’s one chance

The Traitors season 2
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As we get ourselves set to see The Traitors season 2 episode 8 on Peacock, all eyes have to be on Parvati. After all, she’s in a pretty precarious situation that is really hard for a Traitor to navigate in this game. What do you do once you are found out within the game, and is there any way to recover from that?

Let’s just start by mapping out where things stand at present: She and Phaedra are going to have a chance to murder someone, and it probably makes the most sense for it to be Bergie. That would at least split up some more of Peter’s group and with that, shake up the game a little bit. You may not be able to take him out now, but you can the next time that he is vulnerable.

The problem that Parvati faces from here is pretty simple: She has to find a way to get the target off of her and onto someone else before the next banishment, and her options are limited. There are only two ways in which to make that happen.

1. Go after Phaedra – Dan may have planted the seed already here, but still finding a way to take her out could prove challenging. Remember that she still does have her friends within the Bravo community and beyond just that, Peter’s group specifically wants her out. We’re not sure the numbers are there!

2. Rely on those not in Peter’s group – Here is where things get interesting. Sure, The Traitors is largely a game about trying to take out the title villains from the show, but there is another layer here at the same time. You still need to get to the end! Because of this, there is an interesting argument to make that if you are someone like Sandra or Sheree, it makes more sense to banish Peter, John, or someone in that group regardless of if they are a Traitor. You have to break down those numbers given that otherwise, you could eventually just be picked off.

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Do you think there is any way Parvati sticks around on The Traitors season 2 episode 8?

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