Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off: Where are we now?

Game of Thrones Jon Snow
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Yesterday, news broke that HBO is in the process of developing yet another Game of Thrones prequel, with this one going all the way back to Aegon Targeryan’s conquest prior to the days of House of the Dragon. With this in mind, it only seems right to ask some more questions now, with the biggest one being this: What does all this mean for the long-discussed Jon Snow spin-off?

As a few people out there may be aware already, this spin-off is different from the rest of the ideas out there for two separate reasons: It is coming directly from a cast member in Kit Harington, and it is the only proposed sequel in the mix. We’ve heard about The Hedge Knight: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and we know that there are some animated projects also in discussions. There are some ideas likely in development that no one even knows about! So were does this leave the Jon Snow project? This is a fun thing to consider for at least the time being.

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At present, here is what we can say in terms of where things currently stand. HBO is keeping some of their cards close to the vest, but last we heard, it does remain in development. The new Aegon project (which may not even be as new as it seems) does not change that. There is no schedule on this sort of thing, and it is possible that Harringtons idea never even sees the light of day. It needs a lead writer attached, and it also will need a lot of support given the risk that comes with following-up Game of Thrones in any form.

For now, the absolute earliest we could envision this show is 2026, and it could be even later than that. It is hard to discuss a thing that is so theoretical but for now, our feeling is that unless HBO is extremely confident it will be worth the hype, they probably won’t make it. They make so much money across the board with their properties that they will emphasize quality first.

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What do you think the odds are that the Jon Snow – Game of Thrones sequel actually happens?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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