Criminal Record season 1 episode 6: Is Doris dead?

Criminal Record season 1
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Following what we saw on Criminal Record season 1 episode 6, is Doris really dead and out of the picture?

Well, the first thing we should remind you of here is just how incredibly painful this storyline was. Errol Mathis’ mother wanted nothing more than justice for her son, and the show did a tremendous job of articulating all of that. Unfortunately, she also fell victim to being at the wrong place and dealing with the worst possible person in Tony.

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Why did Doris choose to confront Tony directly? The simplest answer we can offer for that right now is quite simple — this is a woman who just received some information about the Hayes Lane caller and she was desperate. She’s also been trying to make progress for years and this is the biggest step forward she’s had. Also, she is a mother and of course, she is going to do whatever she can for the sake of her son.

The idea that she has to die in order for Errol to be potentially set free is unbelievably tragic and yet, here we are. Doris’ death led to Tony’s place being actively searched which, from there, led to the eventual discovery of the disc in the beehive. The footage within caused a confrontation between Daniel and June, one where it seems like the former may actually have to confess to what really happened leading up to Errol’s confession — which he later did everything in his power to retract.

No doubt this episode and this death were emotional, and there could potentially be many other heart-wrenching moments to come. For now, our advice is simply to do your best in order to prepare.

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