True Detective: Night Country episode 4: What Otis reveal means

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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Tonight’s True Detective: Night Country episode 4 revealed something big in the form of a new character in Otis. This is someone who has exhibited similar symptoms as some of the Tsalal scientists and yet, he finds a way to keep on living.

With that being said, is what he has really “living”? That may be another question altogether.

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Close to the end of this episode, Danvers and Navarro were able to find Otis out in the dredges, a forgotten area full of spiral symbols and chilling landscape. It turns out that he was in possession of the same parka Raymond Clark had previously worn; however, he had little to say when it comes to Clark’s whereabouts. He simply said that he was out in the Night Country — not only that, but that everyone is at this point in the Night Country.

So what exactly does the Night Country really mean? That’s not a thing that we can give an easy answer to at the moment, but we do tend to think it is tied in some ways to the corruption of nature, which has been a big part of the season so far. If everyone has been infected in a sense by the mines or the lab, everyone is capable of death or a slow descent into madness.

From what we can tell, though, the conversation between Otis and Danvers seems to make us think that Clark is still out there, and we do think that he is the one person who seems super-capable at the moment of presenting some sort of answers as to what really happened. Is this tied to Annie K. — or, some other event that is even further in the past?

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