Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 finale: Kronos + Ares!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1
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The Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 finale has now officially arrived on Disney+ and in some ways, it ended where it started! Despite having this epic journey that took him through a lot of the world of Greek mythology, the title character got a reminder that he still has to go to school, and there is still at least a part of him, for now, that needs a normal life.

Before we got there, though, weren’t there some great sequences in here? Sure, there was a part of us that wanted the showdown between Percy and Ares to last longer, especially since this was as much of a classic David – Goliath showdown as you could possibly hope to have! Yet, having Poseidon’s wave get involved here proved to be an emotional tie to what Percy has gone through since the start of the series, and how ever since he has tried to find a way to have a measure of acceptance in both worlds.

Yet, as much as we got a happy ending to this part of the tale, there are looming threats still out there — including Kronos, who is a central adversary through a great deal of the source material. Certainly, there is a whole lot more to explore.

The most bittersweet part of the finale may very well be the presence of the late, great Lance Reddick as Zeus. It is such a shame he is no longer with us, because his performance here is arguably the best part of the finale. Sure, he imbues the character with gravitas, but there’s such a style and weight to him that you have not seen in other representations of the character over the years.

With this finale now done, this is it for now! We have to wait and see when the opportunity will arise for us to revisit this world and many of the people who inhabit it. Whether it be Annabeth, Hermes, or anyone else, Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 brought a lot to the table — we just wish it was longer.

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