Saturday Night Live: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake reunite

Saturday Night Live
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We had a feeling entering tonight’s new Saturday Night Live episode that there would be a few cameos. After all, consider who was there! Justin Timberlake was back on the show for the first time in around a decade, and it made some element of sense for some former cast members to stop by here and there.

After all, remember this: The last time that Timberlake was around, almost the entirety of this current cast was not a part of the show. You had Kenan Thompson, sure, but not anyone else. That’s probably why it was nice to see Jimmy Fallon back with him for a brief cameo during the opening monologue! That was certainly enough to make us think that we’d be seeing more of the two of them later on, especially when Justin volunteered to do a sketch or two. (That came later with the Barry Gibb Talk Show, the most random and dated sketch that still works.)

Now, you easily could argue that it would be annoying for someone like Dakota Johnson to be frustrated that she was being upstaged on her own show; yet, we tend to think that this is a case of one star (or two) lifting up some of the others! The entire episode gets a little bit more attention, and we also just think that Dakota is happy to be there. Remember that she said pretty early on within the episode that this is more or less her favorite place to be.

Is there a chance that some other former cast members are going to turn up later on in the episode? We honestly wouldn’t rule that out, so we’ll have other updates as the episode progresses. For now, we’re just anticipating that there is a certain amount of nostalgia within this episode for an era of the show that was 10-15 years ago.

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