Death and Other Details season 1 episode 4: Who could change?

Death and Other Details season 1
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As we prepare ourselves to check out now Death and Other Details season 1 episode 4 over on Hulu, things are going to evolve. Don’t they have to?

After all, one of the things that we have seen in regards to this show already is that the people you see in the pilot are not necessarily the people they are at the end of the show. They change. Also, some are already different than their preconceived notions. It feels like we have two instances of that already, when it comes to both Leila and Jules based on the events of episode 3.

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So could some of this be true when it comes to Anna? We don’t necessarily think that Lauren Patten’s character is necessarily that different than who she projects herself to be, but everyone has their secrets. We certainly think that she will be different by the end of this story! That is something that Patten confirms and describes further to 1883 Magazine:

…She does go through quite a journey through the show. Not to spoil it. But I think, of course, the goal of great writing is to see great change in your characters. I think Mike and Heidi really do that with a lot of the people on the show. As I said, when you meet her, there’s a lot at stake for her on this trip and she feels that she has everything really locked down and under control. think that’s enough to say as a setup of, once chaos starts happening on the ship, what can go wrong. To get to play somebody who by the time that you get to the end of the season is a vastly different place in their life is, of course, a whole lot of fun.

Because there are ten episodes over the course of this season, there is still a lot of time for a few different jaw-droppers. Anna could still be a killer, especially when you consider that she wants this deal to go through and for her to be in charge. If Keith stood in the way of that, why wouldn’t she want to take him out?

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